When we’re not making Partially Derivative episodes, we spend a lot of time listening to other awesome podcasts about data, technology and science. Add these to your listening lineup for a happier, geekier existence.

Data & Data Science

What’s the Point? Big data, small interviews. From FiveThirtyEight.

Data Skeptic Interviews with experts on interesting topics related to data, all through the eye of scientific skepticism.

Linear Digressions Explorations in Machine Learning and Data Science from Udacity.

O’Reilly Data Show Exploring the opportunities and techniques driving big data and data science.

Talking Machines Human conversations about machine learning.

Learning Machines 101 A gentle introduction to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Programming & Software Engineering

Talk Python to Me Python and related technologies.

podcast.init Python and the people who make it great.

The R Podcast All about the R programming language

Code Newbie Not just for newbies. Great episodes about the craft of programming.


Science Friday News and entertaining stories about science.

Freakonomics The hidden side of everything.

StarTalk Radio A commercial radio program devoted to all things space, hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Talk Nerdy Interviews with science luminaries by Cara Santa Maria.

Skeptics Guide to the Universe Dedicated to promoting critical thinking, reason, and the public understanding of science through online and other media.