Jonathon leads a roundtable about getting involved with local data science projects with the Data for Democracy volunteers who organized meetups in cities around the country for the community’s first hackathon. Thanks to Nic Colley, Daniela, Mark Stephenson, Dave Mattingly, Stephanie Kirmer, Gabriela Swider, and Zach Mueller for joining the conversation, and for all your work leading Data for Democracy projects!

Massive thanks to these folks who helped out with the Hackathon but couldn’t make it to the recording. Abridged, and in no particular order: Andrew Therriault, Robert Kahne, George Richardson, Shreyas Karnik, Ben Batorsky, Eric Bickel, Numa Dhamani, Amanda Alvarez, Jeff Liu, Jonathan Torrez, Margeaux Spring, Sharon Brener, Selene Arrazolo, Amanda Bonfitto Howell, Lilian Huang, Mike Lucas, Andy Moon, Henri Palacci, Bridget Keys, Carl Marcelus, Becky Steele, Chris Dick, Rafael Perreira, Jon Loyens, Noah Rippner, Lydia Guarino, Bryon Jacob, Shad Reynolds, Jonathan Ortiz, Dashiel Lopez Mendez, and Sanjana Jhaveri.

Sponsors! We’d also of course like to thank this week’s sponsor, Veera.

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