Data Day

We’re doing something a little different this episode. A couple weeks ago we camped out at Data Day Texas, a huge event focused on data science techniques and technologies that’s held in lovely Austin, TX. We talked to a bunch of the speakers, chatted with some attendees, and went on a mission to find the most overhyped idea in data science (hint: it rhymes with steep yearning).

Jonathon was joined by a couple friends of the show, Ashley McNamara, who long-time listeners will remember as a two-time guest host, and Dave Sullivan, making his on-air debut. As you’ll hear throughout the episode, Ashley and Dave are both clearly more intelligent and funnier than Jonathon.

Here’s who we talked to

Apologies to the other people who chatted with us whose names we didn’t catch. If you hear yourself on the recording, let us know and we’ll list you hear and give you a shout out on Twitter.

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