With the tryptophan wearing off, this week the Partially Derivative crew discusses how data science knows when you are quitting your job, feeling sad, spreading lies, and much more.

Links to the articles we talked about in this week’s show:

  1. This Company Knows When You’re About to Quit Your Job
  2. The Google misery index: The times of year we’re most depressed, anxious and stressed
  3. Non-technical data scientists “big trend” for 2015
  4. Making the most detailed tweet map ever
  5. Python code for describing images with sentences
  6. One Weird Trick to Stop Facebook Hoaxes
  7. Narrative Science turns big data into stories
  8. The quick and the dead
  9. Sentiment analysis in images
  10. ‘You’re the bomb!’ Are you at risk from the anti-terrorism algorithms?